Our Story

Our Story

The Moment Our Life Changed! Edversity

Motivation and determination lead individuals to devise ingenious and creative plans for solving problems. Online education is a similarly innovative and effective aspect of a futuristic system.

Edversity came into being with the ambition to facilitate the masses and revolutionize the classic education system by introducing innovative methods. We strive to understand what the learners need and provide them with exactly that along with helping them unleash their potential as well as become a better version of themselves. Our aim here is to make a difference!

A wide range of audience including middle and high school students, university students, social workers and learners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and women shall find courses, education, and training programs that will provide them with valuable experience and insight.

In the age of technology, the focus of almost all matters has been shifted towards a more globalized and internet-based form, and obtaining online education has become easier than ever. Here at Then Foundation, we shall provide you with top-notch education and an array of facilities and opportunities.

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