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Four Steps to your Success

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#1 Flexibility and ease

Studying online provides ease and flexibility. You can sit at your home comfortably in your acquainted environment and concentrate better on the studies. All the hustle and commute is saved and you get more time for thinking and gaining knowledge

Self Paced

#2 Self-discipline and accountability

As there won’t be a physical perpetuator of any kind, you will have to manage all your matters by yourself, resultantly making your self-disciplined and independent. Also, the blame of any mistakes shall mostly be upon you, making you accountable to yourself and ultimately motivated to perform better the next time.

Successful Career

#3 High Success chance

The prospect of online education is highly effective in your success story. It will provide you discipline and motivation as well as extensive time to work on your ideas and apply your knowledge in useful ways.
The chance of an effective and successful career simply becomes much higher.


Bright Future

#4 Futuristic Approach

By saving all the extra costs and time, you’re investing into the future. Modern world is totally reliant on technology, and online education is an aspect of it. Walking side by side with the very fast-moving society is the smart thing to do.

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Frequently asked questions

How to register online?

Enrolling in an online class is easy. At MaxCoach, we serve several categories of online learners. Select the student category that you identify with to get started.

How do I customize my account?

In order to customize your account’s information, just log in with the provided passcode and change the info. 

How do you process my information?

Your data will be kept private and secure on our database. No illegal use without prior notice.

How do I contact support?

You can contact our help center or any contact method (phone call, email or appear at our office) to get help. 

How to cancel my membership?

You just need to submit a membership termination request, we’ll proceed within 24 hours.

How can I get a discount?

Learners can get a discount by coupon or voucher. If you have one, fill in the code box before making any payment.

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