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Student of Edversity Syed Muddassir won $35,000 from HEC Pakistan!

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Edversity is a platform where the most competent teachers including esteemed professors, experts of various fields and brilliant students of their respective fields join hands to provide you the best of education and teach you practical and modern skills to help you launch your career.

Learn to adapt and be practical

Edversity is not merely a forum of traditional education, rather it is a system where you will learn functional skills and will be taught to your ability to adapt to the challenging and daunting life of the real world.

Make contacts and enhance your social skills

Edversity is a social network! Here, different students from all over the country will interact among themselves and with experienced and learned teachers, and hence get the chance to not only augment their social life but also make contacts useful for future.

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What makes them love us?

InShot_20210316_130915785 - Zubaish Khan_ MBS#40
I would say it was a super excellent course. I have learnt a lot. Sir Talal has delivered a mind blowing lecture today, It will be really helpful for future endeavours.
Zubaish Khan
Student - TEP Cohort 2
IMG_0033 - Shahzaib zehri
It was an amazing course with Saad, he motivates us and try to push us to become successful entrepreneurs. It seems like he is working hard in order to make us successful.
Shahzaib Zehri
Student - TEP Cohort 2
IMG_20210721_210129 - Uroosa Shaikh
The session was great. Sir Saad was explaining each and every question very well. It was really interesting and engaging.
Jasia Mehmood
Student - TEP Cohort 2

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